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Tomorrows Transactions – blockchain #TTTU2015

Dave discussed potential uses of blockchain. There are 5 examples, and only 4 have potential. I will leave you to debate/ figure out :-)

It was equally fascinating to listen to Dave and also to be dumbfounded with the initial lack of audience interest.

Once we got into discussion that changed. It turns out there is interest but lack of knoweldge about the potential in separation of blockchain from bitcoin. Bitcoin is crowding out the discussion apparently.

Anyhow enjoy.

Written by Colin Henderson

September 8, 2015 at 15:53

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The original Apple Watch – @dgwbirch

@dgwbirch – The original Apple Watch from 1930’s – scrolling map on wrist #TTTU2015 moving through the hub of innovation – Guildford

Written by Colin Henderson

September 8, 2015 at 14:46

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Tomorrows Transactions – Toronto Sept 8th #TTTU2015

Dave is telling us to complete the post it notes. He points out that the post it notes are in fact not a blockchain.

Let the humour begin.

Written by Colin Henderson

September 8, 2015 at 09:24

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“Hacking is a business model”; some simple advice from an expert

I was reading the comments on this exploit story on AppleInsider. I loved lkrupp’s comment (below). The first paragraph might just be the best and simplest explanation for how to avoid virus and malware problems. (if you use Windows then you’ll need to substitute Microsoft approved or the likes for App Store).

Several of the other comments are laced with common sense. “So the danger is not that someone outside can get into your machine: the danger is that anyone who has physical access to your machine can take it over.”

The second paragraph is just a nice description of the evolution of hacking and how its evolved from “glory” into a “business model”.

New privilege escalation exploit discovered in OS X Yosemite, also affects just-released 10.10.5

Don’t worry about it. Just keep using common sense when downloading software. Download only from trusted sources and companies like the App Store. Don’t click on anything that promises magical things. If it sounds too good to be true it IS. Like all the other chicken little reports about these things they rarely actually materialize to become a major problem.

Above all don’t listen to the paranoid crowd’s predictions of the Apocalypse. They show up here every time one of these reports gets out, wringing their hands and running around with their hair on fire. Truth is hackers these days are in it for the money. They like attacking corporations where the ROI is highest. Individual’s machines not so much because the data is of limited value. It’s not like the old days where hackers did their thing for the glory of their reputations. Today hacking is a business model.

Written by Colin Henderson

August 17, 2015 at 21:32

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Greece is important and so is Alabama

This quote from Rana Foroohar on CNN this weekend makes one stop and think. A similar comment related to Connecticut (similar GDP to Greece) effectively bailing out any of the smaller southern US states every year.

Why Greece Matters for Everyone

It’s not that the economy of Greece itself matters so much–China creates a new Greece every six weeks–it’s that a Greek exit from the Eurozone calls into question the entire European experiment.

Its easy to understate the importance of small economic areas, but they matter immensely within their geographic and economic context within which they belong no matter what the bean counters think.

Written by Colin Henderson

July 13, 2015 at 00:01

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Garakei: Galapagos cell phone

My wife just came across this term on a recent trip back to Japan. Garakei or another version, Gara-phone.

It literally means “Galapagos Cell Phone”. The backdrop actually goes back to Charles Darwin and how he made the Galapagos Islands famous for uniquely eveolving animal forms and this formed the basis of his “Origin of Species”.

Garakei: Galapagos cell phone

Recently I’ve been hearing about a Japanese electronic device called a “garakei ガラケイ”. Mystified by this katakana word, which I assumed to be at least partially the transcription of some foreign term, I set about trying to find out more about it.

It wasn’t hard to discover (here and here) that the word basically means “Galapagos cell phone”. What a strange name for a kind of cell phone!

If we recall back to before 2007 Japan had their own industry leading and very efficient phones which had apps and characteristics that were unique to Japan. iPhone entered in 2007 and smart phones are mainstream around the world now including Japan.

However there remain a diehard group including my wifes dad who continue to use the unique Japanese phones bearing the pre-2007 style. These are the Gara-phones and hence the reference to Galapagos.

More from language log.

The idea is that, like the animals and birds of the Galapagos Islands, which developed unique traits in isolation from mainland species so as to fit their special environment, the garakei ガラケイhas features that were developed solely in and for people of the Japanese islands without regard to global IT trends. Thus, garakei are not known or used in places outside Japan. Naturally, they have some features that are shared with cell phones elsewhere (e.g., built-in camera), but they also have functions that do not exist outside of Japan.

Written by Colin Henderson

July 10, 2015 at 08:15

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China stock market is unplugged

Maybe there are just some things that cannot be controlled.

Despite massive government intervention, the Chinese stock market is collapsing in light of an overbought bubble.

Fresh turmoil hits China’s stock market

China’s central bank stepped up state support for sinking stocks on Wednesday, as investors rushed to sell what they still could after a fresh wave of share suspensions that have now halted trading in half the market.


The renewed selling followed another round of share suspensions overnight, which have now halted trading in 1,476 stocks — or more than 50 per cent all listed companies on China’s two main exchanges. The suspensions have frozen $2.6tn worth of equity, according to Bloomberg calculations.

Written by Colin Henderson

July 7, 2015 at 23:06

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