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HSBC to replace digital certificates with Vasco authentication tokens for UK business customers

Business customers who tend to have both higher value tranactions, and also have more complex authentication requirements are getting the new tokens at HSBC.

Finextra: HSBC to issue Vasco authentication tokens to UK business customers

HSBC is rolling out Vasco’s two-factor digital authentication tokens to provide its business customers across the UK with secure access to its Internet banking services.

The bank will begin issuing the keyring-sized access code device free of charge to its 180,000 Internet business banking customers in the UK from May. The device generates a single use security code which customers use alongside their user ID and password when making online banking transactions.

The bank says the Vasco device will replace the existing authentication system which is based on digital certificates. As soon as a customer activates the security device, their digital certificates will no longer be required.

Written by Colin Henderson

April 10, 2006 at 07:46

Posted in Online Banking

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