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CIBC Today" – CIBC Intranet Portal

Reading this press release really made me think about the expression “paving the cowpath.  How on earth would they need 90,000 unique URL’s at CIBC

This is totally symptomatic of bank thinking.  No startup/ web 2.0 company would think this way.  But I understand the thinking only too well. 

“here we have all these intranet sites, and information pieces, which we must document and support, because they are there”. 

If we do the math, and consider how long any one employee would take to get through even 1% of that lot, we will all have grey hairs.

Source: Bryce Johnson of Navantis

As a part of the Portal Team, Navantis helped build a new intranet platform for CIBC  …..  ‘CIBC Today’ is the homepage of the organization’s intranet for over 40,000 employees. … users to customize content for their environment, while maintaining the broader messaging goals of the corporate communications department. Usability testing was conducted …  Navantis also developed a process for inventorying the over 90,000 unique URLs in existence on the CIBC intranet. … search engine by creating taxonomies based on an employee’s role and department.

Technologies Used: Microsoft CMS 2002, SharePoint Portal Server,

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Written by Colin Henderson

August 24, 2006 at 01:46

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