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Time to eliminate Flash & focus on Ajax for Bank sites

 Fascinating new piece here on what Forrester refer to as rich Internet applications.  The rest of us call it Ajax.  But there are some surprising findings.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Length: 6 pages When they are designed well, rich Internet applications (RIAs) enable firms to offer more interactivity than what is feasible in HTML. The majority of online consumers who have used RIAs say these applications improve their Web experiences – primarily because they find RIAs easy to use.

Source: Forrester: Interactive Marketing All Forrester Research

Key points:

  1. Most Rich Internet Application users are fans
  2. Less than half of users complete Flash upgrades
  3. The strongest agreement on Ajax is from Age 55+

My view … Forget about Flash.  Developers love it, and continually invent new reasons to use it.  I have heard all the arguments about Flash containers pulling in xml  … etc etc

Relevance to Bankwatch:

The statistics say it all.  Ajax is broadly accepted for ease of use.  Flash is restricted to geeks and developers.  Which groups reflects our desired customer base?  Eliminate flash from Bank sites.

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Written by Colin Henderson

September 13, 2006 at 21:03

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