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The Ambassador from the Next Economy

Courtesy of Laurent, a remarkable bio on Joi Ito, whose role at age 39 is difficult to define.  He is something of a venture capitalist, yet he doesn’t seek money.  He is interested only in furthering the right tools to move the Internet economy and philosophy ahead. 

In this milieu, Mr. Ito, at age 39, has become one of the most visible global defenders of the idea that commerce and community can be designed to mutually reinforce each other.

He argues that the great businesses of the Internet will not be those that stream canned video or data, but those that bring people together as mutual creators, in a kind of ‘open source’ entrepreneurialism. Mr. Ito backs up this idea in part by underwriting the blog companies, participatory Web sites, and other interactive venues for which he is known.

 He also has become a visible public advocate of legal and technological structures in which standards are open, barriers to entry are low for starting new Web sites or online businesses, participation in online communities is encouraged, new institutions have more freedom to appear and gain influence, and the culture of the Web is integrated with the world at large. At the same time, Mr. Ito advocates acceptance of more pragmatic security-related measures: for example, making organizations highly accountable for online fraud, scams, and other deceptions.

Source: The Ambassador from the Next Economy


Written by Colin Henderson

September 23, 2006 at 22:58

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