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Polish online banks (branchless Bank update)

Thanks to Michael for this list.  Apart form the high level of activity the one that leapt out at me, is the Auto manufacturers Banks.  VW is here, and Toyota Bank coming soon!  Has anyone else heard about those?

  1. mBank – the first one virtual bank in Poland (XI 2000),, 1,26 million customers – it has about 50 multimedia kiosks (You can leave your documents; use ATM; etc) – in english. It is going to be a Mobile virtual network operator soon!
  2. Inteligo the second largest online bank.         Demo:
  3. VW Bank direct – – a very small online bank
  4. There will probably be the next, fourth player – Toyota Bank online
    (the first-ever Toyota online bank!)

Polish online banking market is very large now. Every bank has two-
factor authentication (tokens, SMS, transactional access numbers (TAN))

Again, please note I have linked to the branchless bank list in the sidebar, under Bank of the Future.


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Written by Colin Henderson

December 1, 2006 at 08:18

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