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Rumours of Googles death are greatly exaggerated

Bloggers are an idealistic lot, often with very thin skin.  Is it just me or during the run up to Xmas, and the light blogging period during the holidays, the negativism that set in suggested a few were getting punchy.

We had;

I think one message for 2006, and I heartily include myself in this, is for all bloggers to remember blogging is (should be) a personal view of the world, and usually the blog is not the primary source of income per se, even though its certainly a large component of the bloggers persona. 

There are others (employers, spouses, friends) in the background.   There are other factors at play in each bloggers life, (great examples that they happen to even the best, here, and here).  There are always other stresses and strains, and no-one is editing blogs (or shouldn’t be).  So we all have good days, and bad days, yet keep on blogging.  There are enough interesting issues to debate, and we can keep personalities out of it.

Then I read this answer to the 5 meme thing, that is the best reminder not to be too serious all the time.  A good way to begin the new year.

I am looking forward to an exciting 2007.  A couple of big conferences upcoming, and I am particularly looking forward to LIFT in February

Happy New year everyone.


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Written by Colin Henderson

January 1, 2007 at 09:15

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