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Banks go green – but HSBC don’t do it so well

 Green seems to be the political colour for 2007, with governments of all stripes picking up that flag.

Interesting this is also being picked up by the banks, with the earlier example of green debit cards from Barclays, and now this from HSBC.  However while the Barclays one was quite clear … this from HSBC is a totally different story.

Welcome to the Green Sale from HSBC Until January 31st we’re offering great deals on a wide range of our most popular products and services for Personal and Business customers. For every Green Sale product sold we will make a donation to our nominated charities.

Source: HSBC Green Sale

Great introduction.  But ……

So at first glance it seems like they are ‘going green’.  After trying several links I gave up figuring out what their offer was … and I was trying to find out.  Who knows when a typical customer would have given up.  The closest I came up with was a link that took me to a pdf …

Need I say more.  Honestly, the only reference to green I could locate was that pdf.  Sorry HSBC – I am sure your real point is in there somewhere … nice try but better luck next time.


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Written by Colin Henderson

January 5, 2007 at 21:25

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