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Windows Home Server – announced at CES

 I just finished watching the webcast of Bill Gates keynote tonight at CES (not Steve Ballmer – yes Bill Gates).  I love watching Gates … he is consummate spokesperson for technology. 

Ok, lets move to the content of Bill speech.

He had four themes:

  • music (Zune)
  • mobility (phones – MS outsells Blackberry)
  • games (200 million users)
  • TV (mind boggling combinations of games, IP TV, interactive walls – wow!)

Windows Home Server can quickly grow the pool of storage from which all of your shared files for each of your users lives. The backup engine in Windows Home Server also silently backs up the entirety of each machine connected to it every night. And because the data is always online, using the built-in remote access abilities, you’ll also be able to access your data from any machine on the planet.

Source: Windows Home Server will live in your closet, simplify your life | Jesse D. Lewin | Microsoft 10

Somewhere in there, and I seriously forget where, he talked about the HP Home Server, running Windows Home Server software.  That’s the one part of his talk that he lost me.  Just this last month, after listening to a few geek friends I dug into Amazon S3.  It didn’t take long to see the potential, and now I have several gigs of data, including my entire music collection backed up on S3.  I tested it by accessing from a PC that didn’t “know” I had it backed up, and was able to restore everything ….  hmmm  I am not sure about the HP Home Server idea.  It may be an idea that would have been cool in 1998. 

That aside, the speech was awesome, slick and pure Microsoft.  I highly recommend it.


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Written by Colin Henderson

January 7, 2007 at 23:20

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  1. I watched the keynote as well. The VISTA demonstration was quite impressive. I’ve been considering purchasing an XBox360 and now seeing the addition of IpTV and the integration with VISTA I’m sold.

    Duarte Da Silva

    January 8, 2007 at 02:33

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