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"TNS Canadian Facts" – online banking and ATM stats 2006

 TNS have been consistently measuring since 1994.  While their numbers always look low to me, they are relevant for trend watching.

60% of Canadians online, have signed up for online banking, and 37% use online banking in the past month.  53% visited a branch, and that’s the lowest number ever as the trend goes down.

The traditional bank branch continues to lose ground in Canada as consumers conduct more day-to-day transactions at self-service banking machines (ABMs) and over the Internet, according to an annual tracking study by TNS Canadian Facts, a Toronto-based marketing research firm.

Source: Finextra: Canadian bank branches losing ground to online channels

But they make the final point about preferences that I believe is too general, and doesn’t reflect all segments.  In addition, I believe this last point is as much the failure of Banks to properly implement online services in a trusted and meaningful way that would exceed the Branch experience.

“Canadians continue to prefer to go their branch to make RSP contributions and to acquire financial products, such as new accounts and mortgages, than to do so by phone or online,” she states.


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Written by Colin Henderson

February 13, 2007 at 19:21

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