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Short Downtime « – and customers are happy!

 Wordpress is where this blog is hosted.  They had a 20 minute outage last night, and the owner, Matt, posted an apology, and explanation.  The entire post is self effacing, and practical.  The 90 comments are universally supportive.  How many Banks would get that response to an outage?

These guys try, they are open about it, and they continually improve, bit by bit.  No home runs … just quiet improvement.  I trust Matt and WordPress.  Even though its a free service, I happily pay for storage, and site editing capability.

In particular I liked this last comment … they are building capacity.  Nearly 700K blogs run on WP now.  CTO’s take note.

The good news is that this is our first major downtime since May of 2006, about 9 months ago. Before when we had problems it was due to not having the hardware and expertise to scale the system to the levels of traffic it was getting at the time. Now 9 months later, we’re more than 10x the size and the servers are humming along fine. Human error will always be an issue, but we try not to make the same mistakes twice.

For those following along at home, we’re now powered by 152 physical processors, 511 gigabytes of memory (RAM), 174 hard disks with several terabytes of storage, and we’re adding new servers constantly.

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Written by Colin Henderson

February 20, 2007 at 22:36

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