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Chips talk to you as you walk around Ginza

 This fascinating experiment is indicative of the real networked future, when buildings and companies will talk to you as you walk by.  This is makes VRM the more essential, because I don’t want to be bothered by every building as I walk by.

TOKYO – Downtown strollers looking for directions, store guides or historical tidbits will be able to get an earful without talking to anyone – thanks to 1,200 computer chips embedded around Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district.

The information can be heard through earphones that pick up signals from chips stuck in cement, lampposts and subway-station ceilings. The 1 billion yen ($8.7 million) government-backed Tokyo Ubiquitous Technology Project spans several blocks.

University of Tokyo professor Ken Sakamura says the effort gives a glimpse into the future, when such chips will become so widespread that government offices and private businesses will use them to zap information to passers-by.

Source: Chattering chips enliven Tokyo stroll – Yahoo! News


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Written by Colin Henderson

March 7, 2007 at 00:27

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