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Here are the stats for the last 30 days ranked by page views for individual posts.  These stats are based on clicks to an individual post.  It won’t count those who read something on the main page.  So its directional only.

Wesabe is the clear winner by several lengths.  Other observations:

  • future oriented works for most
  • Second Life/ virtual is popular – something new and original
  • Banks without branches intrigues
2007-02-15 to Today 
Title                                                                                                Views

Wesabe leads the way in all financial services  235  More stats

How to web 2.0 your bank  163  More stats

Banks in Second Life – worth a look  105  More stats

Cashedge OAO is the tool of choice for h  85  More stats

Web 2.0 companies, versus poor old Banks  79  More stats

“Techcrunch » Blog Archive &r  70  More stats

Hostile takeover attempt in Credit Union  63  More stats

Online only Banks (branchless Banks)  59  More stats

Building the Bank of the future: you can  56  More stats

ING introduces OurVirtualHolland within     55  More stats

Wesabe – brief review of their ‘goals’ a  53  More stats

Wells Fargo enters MySpace  50  More stats

DirectHuntington – but opportunity to ex  46  More stats

Conchango suggests brand damage is Bank’  43  More stats

The end of the cash era |  41  More stats

Rethink from Unspace  36  More stats

Bankwatch predictions – Banking 2007  34  More stats

How much does it cost to build the best   33  More stats

Credit Cards are not customer focussed  25  More stats

QR codes – we have lots to learn  22  More stats

Banks’ brands fail against Landor breaka  22  More stats

Prosper Membership Leaps to 200,000 and   21  More stats

Finextra: Lloyds TSB launches debit card  19  More stats

Saxo Bank enters Second Life  19  More stats

Evolution of the web out to 2029  17  More stats


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Written by Colin Henderson

March 16, 2007 at 19:52

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