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Dana Boyd speaks about relevance and social networks

Dana specialises on Social Networks.  Her talk at eTech is summarised here at Raph Kosters site.  Good insight here.

Social networks are the issue de jour, but she does a nice job at isolating the views of different generations, which in turn talks to the relevance of social networks.

the question is what people care about.

Family, friends, religion, labor, etc. It shifts over time.

1. friends, attention, play, sex, consumption
2. sex, friends, money, play, labor
3. labor family money power property
4. family, health, religion, hobbies, friends

For example, its easy to see why stage 3 and 4 people would be active bloggers on topics, whereas, stage 1 & 2 would talk about their day to day things.

I especially liked this quote:

Teens are obsessed not with sex but with having a boyfriend or girlfriend, with social connections. 20s are actually obsessed with sex, coupling off. Friends fall off in astounding numbers at stage 3. This is also where property comes in, not just consumption. Then in 4, health comes in, religion because of reflection, and of course family.

This highlights the importance of being clear about the nature of social interaction for your site, in order to make it relevant to the group(s) you are targetting.


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Written by Colin Henderson

March 30, 2007 at 10:53

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