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Community ROI – a sensible view

Will Pate and colleagues have put together a good summary, researched online, of metrics that could be developed into something. I think the term ROI is a stretch for some of these items, and have said so before, but the concept of new metrics to respond to this space is highly valid.

Some examples that I liked:

– Community users remain customers 50% longer than non-community users. (AT&T, 2002)
– Community users spend 54% more than non-community users (EBay, 2006)
– 56% percent of online community members log in once a day or more (Annenberg, 2007)
– Customers report good experiences in forums more than twice as often as they do via calls or mail. (Jupiter, 2006)

For the full list, go to Wills post here.

Written by Colin Henderson

May 24, 2007 at 16:13

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