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Huggies or ….? How will Robert know ….

Robert asks some provocative questions here (nice to see him back on his game).

A lot of money moves from my wallet to somewhere else. Now, I know how to use Google, right? Google monetizes the last click in a complex chain.

But how am I, or Maryam, going to be influenced on our choices? Say, for instance, diapers? I just did a search for diapers on Google and found only one brand name I recognize: Huggies. How did that damn name get hammered into my brain? Advertising.

Source: Scobleizer

This synopsises (huh!) the perennial argument. Big bang advertising or word of mouth, stealth, Web 2.0 advocacy based messages.

Robert goes on to touch on some key points.

The thing is, how will the advertising industry reach me? I’m not watching much TV anymore. I’m not reading things on dead trees much anymore. I’m online. My wallet is waiting to be emptied. Who’ll be the first one to tell me about a new kind of diaper? A new kind of camera? A new kind of crib? A new kind of clothing? A new way to child-proof my home? A new financial instrument so this kid can go to college? A new kind of food for children? Etc, etc, etc.

I’m not watching old-style ads anymore. So, where are these new style of ads?

Robert is not unusual. I look at myself and colleagues. For example, when I started in Banking, everyone arrived at work with newspaper under their arm. Its a safe bet to say that day is done. Even todays luddites get news online. TV .. its on … for movies. Ads are when I turn to my laptop. Is that so unusual nowadays? I think not.

If I can’t get it online, i probably won’t get it.

Relevance to Bankwatch:

How will your Bank or Credit Union, get their products, services, or name “above the fold” for potential customers, and existing customers?

Written by Colin Henderson

May 24, 2007 at 17:39

Posted in Online Banking

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