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Facebook | will people share their pictures, thoughts and information with commercial interests?

Further to my earlier post, I just came across this, which i should have seen yesterday.

FBML – Facebook Markup Language

What keeps you up at night? The thing that worries me the most is how to maintain attention, when everyone and their dog is going after the same space. The answer cannot be in old style ad bombardment.

Surely it lies more in relevance to the user. If I come in, then my relevance is different than Williams, or Rons, or Trents or James, or whomeever. At that point I actually don’t care about them … at that point its all about ME!

What bothers me about the Facebook F8 aproach is the move towards propietariness (is that a word). Hence my AOL post.

As an advertiser, a Bank would not (if they are smart) want to carpet bomb citizens, but rather engage interested people in conversations. FaceBook are assuming those engaged in FaceBook are interested. Right now they are interested because there is no cost or barrier to entry (since they eliminated the school thing).

The question de jour is ….. will FaceBook people buy into sharing their pictures, thoughts and information with commercial interests, such as lenders and what comes next. I think its a judgement call that remains to be proven.

Written by Colin Henderson

May 26, 2007 at 19:02

Posted in Social networks

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