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MESH07 | thoughts from day 1

After the first day, as usual I am watching to see trends, especially those that are relevant to Banks. In reading this, its worthwhile reflecting this group are the super early adopters, startups, Web 2.0 companies, but there was a group here this year that did not show up last year.

These were enterprise types, technology groups, enterprise knowledge management people. I saw one chap from the Royal Bank of Canada group, asking how he could use wiki’s for sharing knowledge within the Bank.

Some notes:

– the first thing that struck me is the evolution since last year
– last year the predominant them was from people asking how to monetise blogging
– this year the theme is video, user-generated content, and business model shifts in the media industry
– blogs were not mentioned overtly – they are assumed now
– RSS feeds are taken for granted
– today was media/ social day. The question de jour was, what should newspapers do
– most telling quote: newspapers should forget about breaking news – that “horse has left the barn” to quote Loren Feldman (who is hilarious by the way) – – newspapers should focus on depth and analysis
– next best quote (same source) Digg are a bunch of losers – NY times does not have to worry about them

-worst quote deleted;  turns out I was not just wrong about Sharepoint having a wiki, but wrong about the attribution of the quote – apologies to all.

worst quote! During the wiki session, presented by David Crow, (he had the unfortunate experience to have two Microsoft mafia in attendance) – when asked to reference two good wiki tools, he mentioned the two best, Socialtext, and Confluence and the Microsoft guy had to quietly (loudly) whisper Sharepoint!!! [Editorial] to mention that product in the same sentence as Wiki’s is ludicrous. You might as well bring up Lotus Notes. All the more reason I am ecstatic that David and Ryan have joined Microsoft. Its a great company, and just needs to see beyond their old product set. ( I hope I haven’t just insulted David’s new boss, but … if the shoe fits …. )

Anyhow, good start, today, and looking forward to the business sessions tomorrow.

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Written by Colin Henderson

May 30, 2007 at 16:28

Posted in Banking Strategy

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  1. I was overwhelmed by spam yesterday, and accidentally deleted real comments – here is one:

    by Keebler

    I think I was in the opposite sessions to you; blogs came up all the time. The whole (Techcrunch-guy) keynote was about his blog platform and why it was so good 😉 Of course, they were really stressing the social aspect of the blog.

    lol @ Microsoft mafia


    May 31, 2007 at 07:17


    by Deep Jive Interests » Miscellaneous Mesh Notes

    […] Henderson breaks down how things may have changed since last year over at […]


    May 31, 2007 at 07:20

  3. The MS guys are good hearted. They want people to build new, interesting successful products and projects. They’re not evil, they’re just like us (however they’ve been assimilated ;-).

    The SharePoint comment was Bryce. We’re all fans of different technologies and solutions, some of these solutions are open, some are closed, some made by small companies, some made by large companies. The goal is ultimately to be agnostic about the company or the platform and be religious about great products that make peoples lives better (whatever the platform).

    David Crow

    May 31, 2007 at 08:53

  4. Thanks David for the clarification – I was incorrect in my comments.


    May 31, 2007 at 12:32

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