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MESH07 | Building communities

This was a good panel.

– Lionel Menchaca, Dell manager of Ideastorm
– Jordan Banks Ebay
Will Pate, Flock, CommandN with Amber, etc

They started by defining communities, as people or customers, who care about being there, share likes, interests, desires.

Responsibilities for a companies community ‘manager(s)’ must include dealing with negative issues. The company needs to be responsive to their community. Lionel spoke of the rapid decision and implementation by Dell to provide Linux based on Ideastorm’s feedback.

EBay has 5 million users in Canada. Jordan spoke of attempting to create at eBay a community department, but has since realised that they need community representation within each area, of product, marketing etc.

There was great discussion about dealing with flamers, and negativism, which is the great fear of big corporations, and impacts on their reputation. Jordan spoke of ‘passionate objectivity’ (versus passionate subjectivity’. Honesty, and transparency in realistically dealing with issues will win the day, and Will made the point, that a negative user who is turned around, will be the best advocate the company could find.

Finally, there was an interesting discussion about eBay reputation. It turns out that some sellers are not providing buyer feedback until they get good feedback from their buyer. eBay have recognised this, and are providing greater granularity in the feedback mechanism. The lesson for me was that reputation management is essential, and needs continual care and feeding.

Written by Colin Henderson

May 31, 2007 at 15:41

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  1. It’s been our experience as well, that simply “entering the conversation”, by having a dialog with bloggers, very often changes the converation around to be more civil. Of course, I don’t know why (to this day) this surprises some people. Perhaps a hold-over from old PR.

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