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“The world is more like an ER than a supermarket checkout”

Great quote! Stephanie is always worth reading, but the summary of Stowe’s Reboot presentation is outstanding. True to form, I have to read someone elses post to get Stowes point :-).

First off, my immediate reaction is to look askance at the concepts outlined, e.g., “new kind of consciousness”, “how are brains changing”, “learned state of consciousness” etc. Stowe’s comments are all about Gladwell’s ‘Blink’ argument, that by allowing your brain to absorb many things at once, you can free your mind to see new patterns, and systems that you would not otherwise see, if you remain focussed on one issue.

The world is more like an ER than a supermarket checkout. Reverting to pre-agricultural consciousness. Hunter awareness. Scanning the savannah.

I do not question the Blink concept; I do question that it is new. I would accept during this time of change, that we need more right brain thinkers, who can pull together the patterns, and that over time, we will need the left brainers to make it work again. Think Bill Gates, and Steve Ballmer. The styles are both needed, but at different times in the cycle. (colin-note: this is not Ballmer time!). Personally I would never work directly with another right brainer, unless we have a leftie to keep us focussed.

Relevance to Bankwatch:
So what is the message in all this for Banks. The fact we are in a time of change and disruption is irrefutable. If I was a CEO/ President of a Bank, I would make darn sure I knew which brain I am, and if I was a leftie, make sure i have not staffed all my senior positions with like minded folks. During times of crisis that might be OK for a while, but during times of change, and disruption, its a recipe for losing market share and customer loyalty, from being too focussed on the trees, while the forest reappears over ‘there’.

Written by Colin Henderson

June 3, 2007 at 15:05

Posted in Banking Strategy

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  1. I think people are more complex than stricly left or right brain, but not that there isn’t a lot of truth in your post. Most CEOs i’ve worked for in dot-coms have been strong right brains, but almost always paired with a lefty, to execute.

    Ed Terpening

    June 4, 2007 at 08:51

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