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“The data suggests that Google may be less powerful than people thought”

With that statement, Tom Bawden strikes at the core of the online advertising model.

The data suggests that Google may be less powerful than people thought, at a time when the search engine is seeking to widen its empire – and drawing fresh criticism almost every day as a result of its perceived growing dominance.

Source: The Times

The storm in a teacup episode arose, when Google planned a party in Boston to co-incide with an Ebay event, and the result was that eBay pulled all advertising in Google. Teacup storms aside, the bigger question that immediately struck me was for eBay to evaluate the impact of the $25 million they spend on Google advertising.

I think the Hitwise comments may be premature, and more analysis will be required based on a longer time horizon than one day. Nevertheless, I sense a chink in the armour.

My question regarding Adwords is this …. of those who click through, how many actually purchase.

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Written by Colin Henderson

June 16, 2007 at 01:11

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