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Unparalleled onslaught against online banking taking place

In what is described as an unparalleled onslaught against online banking, criminals are attacking Italian web sites, in an effort to steal online banking identities.

Trojan attacks are not new, but experts say the scale of the latest onslaught is unparalleled, as is its focus on established websites to steal banking identities.

“This is a paradigm shift. We can expect to see this kind of thing being replicated now for the next five or six months,” said David Perry, a director of another west coast web security firm, Trend Micro.

Source: Guardian

The attacks involve downloading a keylogger onto customers computers.

Using an attack tool kit available for £350 on the internet from Russia, the attackers implanted codes that download a “keylogger” onto the computer of anyone opening up those sites. The keylogger allows the hackers to monitor any activity on the infected machine

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Written by Colin Henderson

July 1, 2007 at 08:01

Posted in Security

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