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CrowdSourcing | Creators, Critics, Connectors & Crowds

Interesting post on characteristics of participants online, and more importantly, how they participate. 

The FLIRT Model of Crowdsourcing: Creators, Critics, Connectors & Crowds at Debute – the Personal Blog of Sami Viitamäki

This part is inspired mainly by works of Chris Anderson, Malcom Gladwell and Jakob Nielsen on defining the different groups of online participation, and is founded in addition on scientific research and numerous blog posts. The latest insighful post for me was, just today, this one on, in which the different roles in participation are discussed. The bottom line: Even with mass participation, it’s not time to kick out the experts; people have different skill and knowledge levels and contribute according to their relevant potential.

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Written by Colin Henderson

July 10, 2007 at 23:47

Posted in Social networks

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  1. […] CrowdSourcing | Creators, Critics, Connectors & Crowds Interessant artikel over de karakteristieken van participanten online, en belangrijker, hoe ze particperen. […]

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