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Another ‘web based platform’ | Bebo signals plan to open up to developers

What a difference a day makes.  This announcement from Bebo validates TechCrunch’s Duncan Rileys comments that we discussed yesterday here.  Banks can will have to decide whether to focus on one or more ‘platforms’, or more likely (imho) the profileration of platforms, each with their own development idiosyncrasies, will drive them to inaction in the short run.

Longer term, these platforms will need to focus on working with open standards so that (bank) applications can have a chance to work in more than one place, or risk being ignored, with concominant risk to their own business model.  The attraction for firms to build on their platform and provide value to customers, cannot be in any kind of non standard development work.

Bebo signals plan to open up networking site to developers – Telegraph

Social networking site Bebo is likely to follow Facebook’s lead and open up its site to developers to create applications that work within the site.

Chief executive Michael Birch signalled the move at the dotcom networking event Second Chance Tuesday. “It’s a positive direction for social networking and I think you’ll certainly see more and more of it across other social networks,” he said.

On a related note, William at BarCampSeattle, notes Wesabes latest thinking to focus on iPhone as a means to cover multiple channels, and deal with this problem short term.  I read into that, focussing on Safari, since thats the only way into iPhone, and the result will work in many places beyond iphone (Mac, and Windows).

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Written by Colin Henderson

July 21, 2007 at 20:41

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