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Jeremiah Owyang | “All your widgets are belong to Facebook”

With all the FaceBook hype, I enjoy contrarian views.  For my earlier posts on this theme, read here – (the Bebo post), here – (the web app post), and here (the AOL post).

Web Strategy by Jeremiah » All your widgets are belong to Facebook

1) For example, my non-Facebook friends can’t see what
I’m doing, and I’m a public guy. If I link to Facebook, you have to
register and sign up, brilliant web acquisition for Facebook.

2) But after I’ve setup my profile, and I would like it to be an
open platform, I should have the ability to make my profile public and
let folks see the elements I want.

3) What about my network? data? Profile? I want to export those.
(Same thing to LinkedIn). The rolodex of today has an important field
“friends”. I want to be able to export my network other systems and
applications. What say you Marc Canter? Here’s a softball.

4) Last gripe? As far as I know Facebook doesn’t even have RSS

Written by Colin Henderson

July 22, 2007 at 22:22

Posted in Social networks

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