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‘Build your own Bank’ to become customer centric? | Finextra

 Congrats Paul and Finextra on going live with embedding community into their site, with their professional network.  It has been in beta for 6 months, and just went live.

I have been posting over there periodically, and posted this today.  In general, I think it will tend to be future oriented things I do on Finextra, but still working that out.

‘Build your own Bank’ to become customer centric?

They are financial and social; two characteristics that were never expected to be operating together, but that genie has now left the bottle. Both Wesabe, and Prosper have shown there is a way to use personal data, combined with strong security, and preferences management, to provide advisory and transactional assistance at a level and scale that one bank can never achieve, one employee at a time.

Written by Colin Henderson

August 31, 2007 at 12:51

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