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AdBlocking – evil or genius?

I was more than a little shocked to encounter this post on the apparent evil of Adblock Plus. [disclosure; I have used Adblock then Adblock plus for years]. A few months ago, I was shocked to see FaceBook on a colleagues laptop, with ads all over the place …. I had no idea!

Mark Evans – The Evilness of Eating Your Cake and Having it Too

Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves. Any anyone using Adblock is a fool because they clearly are missing the big economic picture. If you believe in Web 2.0 and/or if you believe in the concept of free, Adblock is pure evil.

But seriously … the argument goes, that the web economy is based on advertising, therefore if I kill the ads, then I am undermining the web economy. This argument is flawed. It misses the point that ads pissed me off for years (since 1994) until I discovered pop up blockers, Firefox, and finally Adblock. I never clicked on ads, and I do NOT subscribe to the future web economy being predicated on advertising. And in the new world, its all about …. ME.

Last time I checked, its a customer centric world we are moving into, and if I don’t like ads, I can zap them in my PVR, and block them in my browser. On a deeper level, I don’t like ads because they are not relevant. Relevance means, I need something, and that the timing is right.

Interruption advertising is well known in television, radio, and newspapers. Thats not a good reference. The web economy is nascient and evolving. Just as we have the Toronto Sun chock full of ads, and occasional news, alongside the Globe & Mail, with a more balanced approach based on product value, I see the web evolving similarly. Just because Google and adwords rule the day today, does not mean that will live forever. Example – Vendor Relationship Management (VRM).

My web is not based on advertising. It is based on value to me. I am a person … find me.

For more, read Nicholas here, or Doc Searls, that I quoted earlier.

Sorry Mark ….

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Written by Colin Henderson

September 11, 2007 at 23:24

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  1. Corporations need to understand that intrusive ads are also offensive to many people. This is why (imo) google has a great business.

    They pair people with ads that actually have some sort of relation to the person’s interests and from what i see they are pretty discrete.


    September 12, 2007 at 00:54

  2. adblock = GENIUS !


    September 15, 2007 at 09:35

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