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Applications, platforms, and VRM

Nice analysis, and context setting here from Joe.  I continue to watch the concept of VRM, and agree that the directions being set by platforms such as F8 and related tools will be useful in helping someone to narrow down tools that allow people to own and lever their preferences to get better service, and more simply locate what they want to buy. » Blog Archive » Marc Andreessen hits three nails on the head…

… the most powerful platform of all: platforms that are completed
distributed and designed to run on other peoples platforms. This “Level
4″ Platform is something Marc is intimately familiar with. …

Vendor Relationship Managment (VRM)
is working to create a Level 4 platform that turns CRM upside down,
providing tools for individuals to manage their relationships with
vendors. As such, we aren’t attempting to build one particular
application, we are building a framework for which any number of
service providers could offer applications and hosting platforms. It’s
not a small challenge, but we think its the right way to do it.

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Written by Colin Henderson

September 18, 2007 at 11:26

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