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Innovation happens at the edges | Banks: are you watching?

Mike Arrington is one opinionated blogger that I don’t refer to much, but he makes an excellent point here. He posted a complaint abut his ISP on Twitter, and immediately got a call from a Comcast executive.

Comcast, Twitter And The Chicken (trust me, I have a point)

And then I lost my cool, tearing into Comcast on Twitter. Jeff Jarvis and others picked up the story and blogged about it.

And this brings me to the point of this post. Within 20 minutes of my first Twitter message I got a call from a Comcast executive in Philadelphia who wanted to know how he could help. He said he monitors Twitter and blogs to get an understanding of what people are saying about Comcast, and so he saw the discussion break out around my messages.

There is much talk in blogging circles about ‘ the edge’. People refer to themselves as edglings. Innovation happens at the edge. Nice summary of recent thinking from JP here, and Stowe, one of the originators here.

Being on the edge is simply using new technologies to communicate faster, more real time, and in ways that are just plain, convenient. Its not for everyone, its a niche, but one quote from the JP post resonates …. “Innovation happens at edges”.

If in any doubt, here are examples of Banks being mentioned in Twitter, one edge tool. If you are in the PR dept and have not heard of or your dept is not actively monitoring this stuff, time to make changes.

Bank of Montreal
Bank of America

Some quotes from those searches:

stuartma : @kaleemux
BMO. & they may well have gouged me- I don’t know if I could’ve
gotten more elsewhere, but that US:C$ was exactly 1:1 was neat << (2008-03-22 17:53:25)
: Amazing how a valuing – not writing down ABCP – solved BMO’s problem.
If it’s so simple everyone should use this accounting fiction. << (2008-03-20 23:07:23)

pkedrosky : @stuartma giving a speech/talk/thing at a private event for bmo in toronto. << (2008-03-25 16:53:37)
reiver : “RBC thinks loonie is headed below 90 cents US” << (2008-04-04 10:57:38)
: my brother the systems guy working for RBC (really big company) does
not get this online stuff. He’s 50 and I’m older but not in chip yrs << (2008-04-02 16:12:57)
: would like to thank RBC Auto Insurance for rewarding good drivers
with increased rates, I always love paying into the because-we-can tax.
<< (2008-04-02 10:50:34
rawdrigo : f*****g bank of america jacked my apr like 20%. << (2008-04-06 15:09:13)
SpencerC : holy crap! in seconds, i got a new card shipped to me, how easy is that? i love bank of america coustomer service << (2008-04-04 22:15:52)

Written by Colin Henderson

April 7, 2008 at 00:09

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  1. Must have been because it was Michael Arrington, right? Do we know if Comcast is offering service to the “average Joe”?

    Ed Terpening, Wells Fargo

    April 9, 2008 at 19:13

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