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“The proceeds we receive from the sale of each series of Notes will be designated by the lender members who purchased the Notes of that series to fund an unsecured consumer loan” | Lending Club

With that lengthy statement, we now see how Lending Club intend to operate their business as defined in their SEC S-1 filing today.

Some more detail here.

sv1 Lending Club S-1 filing

The proceeds we receive from the sale of each series of Notes will be designated by the lender members who purchased the Notes of that series to fund an unsecured consumer loan originated through our platform to an individual consumer who is one of our borrower members.
… …

A series of Notes will be issued only if and when the corresponding member loan closes and is funded. A member loan will close and be funded if the borrower member loan request has received full funding commitments, or if the borrower member chooses to accept partial funding of the loan request after receiving funding commitments for the loan request.

And this taken from the description of the lending platform:

About the
Loan Platform

Through our online platform, we allow qualified borrower members
to obtain unsecured loans with lower interest rates than they
could through credit cards or traditional banks. We also provide
our lender members with the opportunity to indirectly fund
specific member loans with credit characteristics, interest
rates and other terms the lender members find attractive by
purchasing Notes that in turn are dependent for payment on the
payments we receive from those borrower member loans. As a part
of operating our lending platform, we verify the identity of
members, obtain borrower members’ credit profiles from
consumer reporting agencies such as TransUnion, Experian or
Equifax and screen borrower members for eligibility to
participate in the platform. We also service the member loans on
an ongoing basis. See “About the Loan Platform.”
The Notes. Our lender members will have the
opportunity to buy Notes issued by Lending Club. Lender members
will be able to designate the particular member loan that they
want the proceeds of each Note they purchase to be used to fund.
The holders of Notes of each series will have the right to
receive their pro rata portion of principal and interest
payments on their Note but only if, and to the extent, that we
receive loan payments on the corresponding member loan, net of
our service charge.
The Notes will be special, limited obligations of Lending Club
only and not obligations of any borrower member. The Notes are
unsecured and holders of the Notes do not have a security
interest in the corresponding member loans or the proceeds of
those corresponding member loans.
Lending Club is obligated to pay principal and interest on each
Note in a series only if and to the extent that Lending Club
receives payments from the borrower member on the corresponding
member loan funded by the proceeds of that series, and such
borrower member payments will be shared ratably among all Notes
of the series after deduction of Lending Club’s service
charge and any unsuccessful payment fees, collection fees or
payments due to Lending Club on account of the portion of the
corresponding member loan, if any, funded by Lending Club in its
capacity as a lender on the platform. If Lending Club were to
become subject to a bankruptcy or similar proceeding, the holder
of a Note may have a general unsecured claim against Lending
Club that is not limited in recovery to such borrower payments,
but, as described in more detail below, the matter is not free
from doubt. See “Risk Factors — If we were to
become subject to a bankruptcy or similar proceeding.”

In essence it appears that Lending Club make loans to borrowers. Lending Club then issues notes to investors, corresponding with the loans to borrowers. Seems simple enough. The rest of the prospectus details the risks as expected in any prospecus, and has a great amount of detail in words and tables on FICO scores, expected default rates, and other statistical data.

Written by Colin Henderson

June 20, 2008 at 20:41

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