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Which Banks get the Web Lifestyle | RBC

Further to my post back in April, its time to re-evaluate the Banks that do in fact get the web lifestyle, and are trying different things.  Offerring online banking does not get any mention in this.  Others, including especially netbanker do a great job at evaluating the latest online banking offerrings.  I am interested in how Banks are broadly embracing the web lifestyle.

Its not a long list, so suggestions are welcome. There are a few Credit Unions doing interesting stuff with blogs, and social media, and I will be looking to see if its clear that the conversations are opening up from those examples.

However an immediate example worth looking at is in Canada – RBC.

RBC Signature No Limit Banking Account: You Could Get a FREE Eee PC – RBC Royal Bank

If you’re looking to surf the net at a coffee shop, upload your latest vacation photos or just to stay in touch with your friends and family, a whole new mobile experience is now at your fingertips.

• Compact design, screen size 7″, only 0.92 kg
• Wireless connectivity
• Over 40 built-in applications

Yes indeed they are giving away free laptops, provided you open an account, actually deposit cash, register and pay some bills, and transfer some pre-authorised debits to them.

Something simple yet effective is the use of simple urls to test media. TV are things like or Another was, with no doubt switch1, 2, etc.

Such a simple concept, and chance to learn about how people will react, and in different channels.

A search on google for a few keywords did not find much except “RBC” and that produced an sponsored link. So RBC are dabbling in Google advertising.

We should note that RBC are trying lots of small quiet initiatives many driven by their Applied Technology group. The other most recent is the where they have turned some crazy (not so crazy) students loose and doing a good job. The posts are probably (my judgement) moderated, but still come across as genuine.

They are also encouraging the team to engage in conversations elsewhere, and here and that is essential to get a blog noticed. Response on technorati remains low, and work is required to get the blog out there.

Which Banks understand the Web Lifestyle?
RBC gets a B for a good effort on a few different fronts, and thats a great start. Experiment, learn, and (yes Ron) innovate by trying new things. To get higher for RBC, and not fall back, will require some additional effectiveness and results in things like technorati.

Written by Colin Henderson

July 2, 2008 at 22:15

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  1. Thanks for the review Colin!
    Our posts are somewhat moderated in the sense that I verify them for appropriateness, but beyond that, just about anything goes… It’s a pretty lax process that just ensures that we’re not posting content that isn’t above PG.

    As for my engagement in conversation on other sites (twitter, blog comments, etc), while it is supported by RBC, I see it as an integration of my work/life interaction, which, because I’m doing at work what I do in my spare time, I have the benefit of applying it to my job, as where otherwise, it would just be another activity that I undertake in my spare time.

    Michel Savoie

    July 3, 2008 at 07:22

  2. Hey Colin, I appreciate your continued interest in RBCp2p. It’s nice to see that you’re not only checking it out, but also blogging about it. I’m having a great time doing it and slowly immersing myself in the blogging world.

    Although I haven’t been very diligent with comments, I have been checking out your site on a fairly regular basis to keep abreast of all things interesting, exciting and important in the finance world.

    Further to Michel’s comment, I can honestly (I guess you can choose whether to believe me) say that I don’t feel moderated to any degree except for the point Michel made above. I don’t think I’ve ever actually had anything major changed in my submissions. So what you see is very likely the blogger’s original words.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work with The Bankwatch.

    Nick @ RBCp2p

    Nick at RBCp2p

    July 4, 2008 at 11:34

  3. @Michel & @Nick ….. I really appreciate the feedback, and commentary. I am impressed that RBC are providing that freedom. Keep up the good work, and lets see rbcp2p get up in profile.


    July 5, 2008 at 02:29

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