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Canada and India develop regulation proposals for G20

Deep in the Harper transcript this little gem indicating Canada and India have been working on the framework of a proposal for the G20 to consider on financial regulation.

Transcript: Stephen Harper interview

As you know, Canada has co-chaired with India the working group on future financial regulatory reform. We have a very good report which I think will gain consensus. Essentially, we did come down on that one in kind of a middle-ground position we hope will get the support of both the United States and Europeans and others. And that is, that we actually think it is important that you have strengthened system of national regulation as opposed to an international system of regulation. Canada’s own case is proof that a strong system of national regulation can in fact work.

A quick search uncovered this from Reuters that pointedly makes no mention of Canada but appears to fit the bill of being a recommendation outline.  It is very sappy and toothless though, e.g.

  • The financial stability forum and International Monetary Fund should create a way for key national financial authorities to meet foreign counterparts regularly to assess systemic risks to the global system.
  • All systemically important financial institutions, markets and instruments should be subject to an appropriate degree of regulation and oversight. Large complex financial institutions require particularly robust oversight.

Anyhow I finally located the full doc here is the in very draft form.  Here is the Table of Contents.


The conclusion is not complete, however the commentary and lead up are very relevant.  More later once I get through it.

Local copy – pdf. g20-enhancing-sound-regulation-and-enhancing-transparency

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March 31, 2009 at 22:43

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