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FinovateStartup – 1

Caught  a few of the participants this morning and as we wait for the next few rapid fire presentations, some highlights.  Note there are 350 in the audience:

Lending Club:

  • highlighted some lender functionality, paricularly in the secondary market
  • showed the ability of lenders to compare their returns to other lenders

Tempo Debit Card;

  • decoupled debit card
  • sign up online, with 90% approval success
  • offers rewards on your debit card
  • aim to to be the MBNA of debit cards


  • always my favourite – Gabe showed off the new web interface
  • highlighted accounts, and discussions
  • ability to dig deeper aggregate certain cards and compare expense categories on those cards
  • the iphone app which is significnatly more powerful than the Mint app.  Allows sign up to Wesabe, and editing of expenses though the app

Written by Colin Henderson

April 28, 2009 at 12:07

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  1. Thanks for the FinovateStartup coverage Colin. Lot’s of interesting developments, I twittered like crazy but need to distill into blog post.

    On a macro level, one thing that I thought was very positive about the state of financial innovation was the participation rate. We had 58 fintech startups sign up, with some having committed as far back as December. Yet, we only had two drop out for the April 28 event. One of those was in stealth mode and needed more time and the other had a scheduling conflict as they put finishing touches on a major biz opportunity.

    Bottom line: Not a single dropout due to the faltering economy.

    Jim Bruene

    April 30, 2009 at 10:55

    • @Jim .. it was refreshing to watch. They come fast and furious, and probably better suited to Twitter than live-blogging! What was refreshing to me was the solid attempts to challenge existing financial services. There is bound to be some things pop up the ‘next big things’ out of that lot. Good job.


      May 2, 2009 at 12:21

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