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Implications for banks and the degree of restructure required

Japan continues to lead in terms of making changes to accommodate the current economic climate.  While the English story here is March, the other is dated today.

This is significant for the West in terms of understanding this economic situation is not going to be cured overnight, and when we speak of recovery, its important to consider what recovery means, and how long it might be before we get to return to anything like the economic levels of 2007.

Toyota Cuts Exec Pay, Eliminates Bonuses

AP) Toyota Motor Corp. is reacting to the slump in U.S. auto sales by further cutting North American production, slashing executives’ compensation up to 30 percent and offering buyouts to about 18,000 workers.


Relevance to Bankwatch:

One implication for banking is that a restructuring to accommodate and work within the new economy for the next few years is required.  This requires changes to economic models, cost structures, and imho a fresh look at internet and how it can be levered to develop those models.

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Written by Colin Henderson

May 20, 2009 at 18:38

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