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Eurozone banks face $283bn writedowns| Report

Europe and the ECB are slow with dissemination of analysis and information when compared to the IMF, US and UK.  But when they do, here is 226 pages of analysis that tells us Euro Banks will write off $283 Bn over 2009/ 2010.

More to come after I get a chance to digest, but meantime here it is for your reading pleasure.  They key is the general deterioration and reduction in forecasts since last in December 2008.

ECB Financial Stability Review pdf

The further significant deterioration of global macroeconomic conditions since the finalisation of the December 2008 Financial Stability Review as well as sizeable downward revisions to growth forecasts and expectations have added to the stresses on global and euro area financial systems. The contraction of economic activity and the diminished growth prospects have resulted in a further erosion of the market values of a broad range of assets.

Connected with this, there has been a signifi cant increase in the range of estimates of potential future write-downs and losses that banks will have to absorb before the credit cycle reaches a trough. Although there are great uncertainties surrounding such estimates of probable losses and of the  outlook for banking sector profi tability, the scale of estimates of potential write-downs has weighed on investors’ confidence in the resilience of already-weakened financial institutions. Refl ecting the challenges confronting the euro area banking sector, funding costs have remained elevated, the market price of insuring against bank credit risk has continued to be very high and the market value of many banks’ equity has remained significantly below book value.

Eurozone banks face $283bn writedowns | FT

Eurozone banks face additional losses of more than $283bn this year and next as continental Europe’s severe recession intensifies strains on its financial sector, the European Central Bank has warned.

The fates of the eurozone economy and its banks have become increasingly interlinked, the ECB reported on Monday in its latest “financial stability review” with banks losses expected to be focused on their loan exposures. Risks to the stability of the financial sector remained high, it said, while “uncertainty prevails” over the shock-absorbing capacity of the banking system.

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June 15, 2009 at 23:32

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