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Future for many banks remains grim | Roubini

This interview with Roubini, on a visit to China, is wide ranging, and provides a good assessment of where we are in the economic cycle, why we got here, and importantly what to expect next.  In particular this assessment on US banks is sobering.  That aside, it is a worthwhile read.

Dr. Doom Has Some Good News

The first involved banks. Like Paul Krugman and others, Roubini had been warning that many banks were weaker than they seemed. Rather than trying to nurse them along, he said, the government should move straightaway to nationalization: “I’m concerned that we’re not going to deal with the bank problem as we should,” he said. “Some banks are insolvent. To prevent them becoming zombie banks, the government should take the problem by the horns and, on a temporary basis, nationalize them. Take over these banks, clean them up, and then sell them back to the private sector. Not doing that is one mistake we may make and regret.”

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July 3, 2009 at 09:04

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