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The Productivity Gap is closing in on Banks’ | Branches will be next

FT reports on a new Bain report concerning RoE at Banks, and the unliklihood that Banks’ can regain previous RoE levels.

This fits with the theme here of no more business as usual, post crisis. The spreads in this low interest enviroment are simply not high enough to accomodate spreads like we saw over the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Furthermore and separate from the spread issue, the growth in credit will not be there either because consumers are unwinding unwieldly debt levels that are now disproportionate to asset levels.

The course banks must follow is rejuvenated product suites, and of course reduction of cost base, which is why Bain leapt right to branches.

Banks’ may need to close a third of branches’ | FT

Business consultancy group Bain concludes that UK retail banks face a tough future in which their return on equity (RoE) could be 50 per cent lower than pre-recession peaks.

Bain said that over the past two decades, leading UK retail banks have posted RoE – profit divided by equity – averaging 24 per cent and are unlikely to see those levels again.

Written by Colin Henderson

August 17, 2009 at 20:27

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