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Trends that lead to lower growth, lower profits and lower volatility for banks than during the past few decades | Deutsche Bank

This paragraph from the report below, succinctly summarises the growth prospects for Banks, and the backdrop to planning. Again, a plan that looks like the plan for 2007 is destined to fail. This is the time for breakout product design, and a dramatic cost reduction through shift to reliance on internet and online banking for a far greater breadth of service delivery.

Global banking trends after the crisis | Deutsche Bank Research

Lean years lie ahead for US banks. Performance improvements during the last 15 years have often been due to strong lending growth and low credit losses. As private households reduce their indebtedness, revenue growth in some European countries but especially the US may remain depressed for several years. With weak loan growth and a return of higher loan losses as well as a fundamentally diminished importance of trading income and modern capital market activities such as securitisation, banks may be lacking major growth drivers.

global banking trends after the crisis

Written by Colin Henderson

September 2, 2009 at 22:19

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