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Canadian Electronic Commerce Protection Act and lobbyists efforts {Geist}

Michael Geist provides a gallant service following and analyzing the legal developments in the Canadian Parliament relative to internet, privacy, DRM. His current focus is the ECPA that is having its Commons review completed Monday.

Electronic Commerce Protection Act (C-27) (Posts on Michael Geist site re this topic)

The ECPA is basically intended to be an anti-spam bill. This should include opt-in only relative to advertising. It has become mired in the minutiae of cookies, tracking, email address collection and such things. The opposition Liberals appear to be taking the opportunity to side with the lobbyists from the advertising world to create exclusions.

I have little faith in such legislation. The future will be in self protection, and online tools that assist. The comments in the latest post on copyright lobbyists are well worth the read.

Written by Colin Henderson

October 18, 2009 at 02:20

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