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Everyone’s internet is different

Steve Rubel sums up his observations from the always insightful Le Web conference in Paris this week. His second observation caught my attention and reflects how both I and my friends see the web.

Three Observations from Le Web

Second, nowadays no two people see the same Internet. This was a key point that Facebook made, saying that we increasingly discover online content not just by algorithms but via the "lens of friends." Microsoft researcher Danah Boyd brought this to life through rich, moving stories. Google’s Marissa Mayer went a step further saying that the future of news is a "personalized news stream." This trend has major implications for marketers and PR pros who are accustomed to reaching everyone the same way – it’s simply not possible anymore.

It may seem obvious but it is also subtle. The net is not a series of ‘web pages’. Rather it is a stream of information that is viewed by people just as conversations are ‘heard’. What I hear is not what you hear. Online information comes to you as you design your experience. We all use variations of email, facebook, twitter, rss, and a host of other services to obtain knowledge.

Written by Colin Henderson

December 13, 2009 at 04:32

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