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Change to your Windows 7 set up that will make your life easier/ safer

Small but important change (imho) to your own laptop that will eliminate lots of potential problems from viruses. 

90 percent of Windows 7 flaws fixed by removing admin rights

After tabulating all the vulnerabilities published in Microsoft’s 2009 Security Bulletins, it turns out 90 percent of the vulnerabilities can be mitigated by configuring users to operate without administrator rights, according to a report by BeyondTrust. As for the published Windows 7 vulnerabilities through March 2010, 57 percent are no longer applicable after removing administrator rights. By comparison, Windows 2000 is at 53 percent, Windows XP is at 62 percent, Windows Server 2003 is at 55 percent, Windows Vista is at 54 percent, and Windows Server 2008 is at 53 percent. The two biggest exploited Microsoft applications also fare well: 100 percent of Microsoft Office flaws and 94 percent of Internet Explorer flaws (and 100 percent of IE8 flaws) no longer work

Steps to follow:

  1. add new user (your super user – call it ‘admin’ or whatever you wish) with admin rights
  2. go to old user in control panel/users and remove admin rights – make it a standard user
  3. reboot.
  4. log in as old user

Now when you try to install anything it will launch a password screen for the admin user.  (Just like linux)

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Written by Colin Henderson

March 31, 2010 at 23:03

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