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Nationwide are eliminating cash withdrawals for cash cards only.

On this blog I have mused for some time about the future of branches and the ascendance of online banking in their place.  I have been proven wrong so far as rumours of the branch demise are proving false.  However there continue to be be periodic clues and hints of a different future. 

Nationwide are eliminating cash withdrawals for cash cards only.

Nationwide to restrict small cash counter withdrawals | BBC

Nationwide Building Society is to stop some customers taking out less than £100 over the counter at its branches.

From 7 June customers with cash cards who want smaller amounts will have to use a cash machine.

The change will not apply to people with debit cards, or those who still use a passbook.

Nationwide said the change was needed to reduce queues in its branches and that there were alternatives for those affected.

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April 10, 2010 at 19:47

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