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The app concept is overblown – its only the first step

There is an interesting evolution occurring with apps.  If you don’t have an iPhone this may not be immediately evident.  I was not sold on the concept, and remain somewhat sceptical, but there is no ignoring that apps are a success, on iPhone and now iPad.

Cracking the code of apps |

For users, it is also easier to dip in and out of different tasks without having to deal with software or navigate the web. “There’s no desktop file system, there’s no saving and quitting when you’re finished,” says John Poisson, who recently sold his app company to online photo service Shutterfly. “You just launch an app to do something, then close it and do something else.”

What I continue to wonder about is how this will play out.  Back in the day, 1990’s we had tons of applications (they were called in those days) that we could install.  Gradually we saw the advent of office suites that aggregated core apps.  Much later in the naughties we saw the advent of browser based apps and we even have a browser based operating system in the works.  html5 is clearly going to take over from flash and that adds to the power of the browser. 

Back to iPhone and iPad.  Will the same evolution occur.  I have no doubt that it will and that this excitement about apps will resolve into a serious discussion about what we actually require.  How many times do you have to swipe across pages in your iDevice to locate the app of choice?  Its fun for a short while but when you get serious about it you find yourself sorting pages by app type.  if user behaviour is doing that, then we will see an app do it.  Enter the ‘suite’ concept. 

Then suites will become too heavy and slow and then what … apps in a browser? 

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Written by Colin Henderson

April 17, 2010 at 02:43

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