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You truly know when a country is dysfunctional when its AIR FORCE goes on strike

The always insightful John Mauldin speaks about the crisis that is Greece and the steps towards another banking crisis.  When you have full countries falling apart this is not good for anyone.  The degree of failure inside Greece is astounding, and will only lead to worse before it gets better. 

The larger impact is on currencies, interbank lending (again) and banking system confidence if it is first Greece, then Spain and Portugal … then?


There are no good solutions here, only very difficult ones. In order to get financing, Greece must willingly put itself into a multi-year depression. And borrowing more money when it cannot afford to pay back what it has will not solve the problem. 61% of Greeks now favor leaving the euro. How has Greece responded? By banning short selling on its stock market for the next two months. That should make things better. Greeks are responding by rioting and going on strike. But you truly know when a country is dysfunctional when its AIR FORCE goes on strike. Yesterday Reuters reported that hundreds of Greek pilots called in sick in protest. The response from government? The Minister of Defense said he was "profoundly disappointed." Now that had to make the pilots feel bad.

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Written by Colin Henderson

April 28, 2010 at 20:49

Posted in Business Models

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