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Out with the old and in with the new – a historic day in Britain

It was fascinating to follow the finale of the UK election today.  David Cameron is the new PM and Gordon Brown is already back in Kircaldy.  It was also a testament to internet that I could follow the entire thing online.

What struck me was the elegance, crispness and classiness of the transition notwithstanding the underlying political rivalries and personal desires to win and one cannot help but compare to the neverending American way.  The British have been managing transitions between governments for 100’s of years.  Indeed this Queen alone, has overseen every government transition since Churchill left in 1955.

The speed with which Brown left Downing Street and visited the Queen to resign, followed by Cameron meeting the Queen and being requested to form a government and arriving as the new occupant in Downing Street, all in the space of 2 hours was a marvel to watch, yet old hat to the organisers.  Downing St cannot be left empty and there is no room for minutes, let alone months of uncomfortable transition.  Out with the old and in with the new.

What was especially telling was the genuine respect and attention to the interests of the country and the lack of rancour towards each other between the two leaders and from their deputies such as the eternally classy William Hague.  Fittingly for the times, Hague announced the final deal with the Lib Dem via twitter today. 

The culmination of the these few days since Thursdays election with the sight of what was in each case a 3 car group escorted by the police in a few minutes between Downing St and Buckingham Palace was a fitting finale to what has been a gripping election. 

first pic

Anyhow … this will mean a better economic environment and one which will produce greater stability for banks.










Written by Colin Henderson

May 11, 2010 at 19:16

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