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Apple’s iPhone finally replaces BlackBerry for some bankers | Reuters

This is interesting.  Everyone assumes Blackberry is the gold standard for government and corporate communications.  It is hard to imagine why an iphone using 128 or 256 bit encryption would be any less secure.  I would think the main thing would be to restrict access from other apps to your emails, although that risk is identical in the blackberry when 3rd party apps are added so that risk is not permissible as an excuse  😉

Oh, and banks are now using iphone for online banking.

This is simply another paradigm shift that people are finally getting over.

Apple’s iPhone replaces BlackBerry for some bankers

(Reuters) – British bank Standard Chartered is replacing the BlackBerry, currently its standard corporate communications device, with the iPhone, a move that could eventually result in thousands of bankers switching to the Apple device for business communication on the go

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Written by Colin Henderson

May 17, 2010 at 19:31

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