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Connections of Anna Chapman on Linkedin

I saw this and had to check myself.  Turns out 5 of my Linkedin connections are connected to connections of Anna Chapman.  She is one of the 10 Russian Spies charged in US this week.  One is Robert Scoble, but then Robert is probably connected to everyone.  It also shows the inherent weakness in the ‘connected to connections’ model.  Connections even once removed capture a lot of people.

Check it out.  Her profile is in the link below and she only has 147 connections so they were picked with some thought presumably and given her mandate to seek intelligence and information.

EDIT – 9th July, 2010

Follow up.  Her Linkedin profile has been erased.

From Roubini to Russia with love | FT

Her Linkedin profile has her listed as a VP at KIT Fortis Investments, “Head of IPO at Navigator hedge Fund,” and “Slave at Barclays Bank” in London (hopefully not literally). Barclays has already told the Daily Mail it has no record of Chapman working in its investment division in 2004 and 2005.

Written by Colin Henderson

June 30, 2010 at 21:27

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