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“Apple passes Microsoft as No. 1” | oops … all change again this morning

Internet has resulted in more than a fair share of amateur experts on everything from technology to economics.  it was interesting to watch the antics of the armchair group when back in May Apple market cap overtook Microsoft.  The end of an era, as reported by their technology reporter.


Fast forward to this morning, and look at the market caps.


No-one doubts the shift to mobile and I still love my iPhone.  However care should be taken in isolating daily jumps in emotional stock markets which can generate attention grabbing headlines that may well prove to be proof of a long term trend, but that must be tempered with the next days reality too.  Trends are not made in daily shifts.  That May 26th headline looks a bit lame this morning, with real doubts about the reputation management at Apple being expressed in the 8.95% drop. 

Apple reputation is at stake

Who knows how much this will translate into product quality issues at Apple.  That would take a brave predictor of the future.  Will my next phone be an iPhone or an Android?  Already after 6 months iPhone use I have shifted entirely to non-native app usage including browser based gmail using the new html5 app which is superb and features google docs too.  Same with youtube

So now my decision point in phone choice is solely hardware quality and little to do with native app quality, or even App (as in app store) quality.  So long as I have a quality browser that deals with html 5 I am app agnostic and simply want the best hardware, something android devices have severely lacked, but are improving steadily.  Of course development is still required to make the app work on iphone or android but the user experience will be similar in a browser on both presumably because html 5 is the consistent standard.  Which brings me back to the best hardware.  iphone currently win that battle, but last weeks antennagate indicates a potential chink in the armour.

I suspect that is why we see the large market sentiment drop on Apple this morning.  That may change by afternoon, however how Apple restore reputation on hardware quality over the coming months will still be  critical in the long term.

Written by Colin Henderson

July 19, 2010 at 11:49

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