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Where is US media coverage of US nuclear test?

This is off topic for this blog.  USA conducted a ‘subcritical nuclear test’ last month in Nevada.  What gets me is that this is completely below the radar in North American news coverage, especially given the presidents views on nuclear.  Social media though is all over it. 



by Andrew Kishner

On Wednesday, September 15, the United States Department of Energy conducted a subcritical nuclear experiment under the NNSS (Nevada National Security Site) facility in Nevada formerly known as the Nevada Test Site.

The subcritical test dubbed ‘Bacchus’ is the 24th such controversial subcritical nuclear experiment whereby plutonium is bombarded by conventional explosives, short of triggering a chain reaction that would create a nuclear-bomb-explosion. Although the Department of Energy (DOE) conducts many experiments using plutonium and other bomb-trigger materials, those are generally called hydrodynamic tests and are different from subcritical experiments.

The opposite is the case in Japan which is how I heard about this. 

Nagasaki, Hiroshima criticize U.S. for subcritical nuclear test

Hiroshima, Nagasaki protest US nuclear test

It seems there is a double standard in North American news reporting on this one.  A search of various North American news sites shows no record of this.

Written by Colin Henderson

October 14, 2010 at 21:40

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  1. You don’t see any media about it, because it didn’t happen. Take a look at the ‘reports’ you see, and they all say the same thing. None are being carried by ANY news source, other than a few who have been duped into carrying the hoax.

    None of the reports are attributed to any news source whatsoever, reliable or unreliable.

    It’s simply a viral hoax that people seem to be grabbing hold of.

    The funny thing is, in this ‘report’ the Department Of Energy supposedly confirmed it. A simple trip to the Department of Energy’s website, or a simple search of Google, will show you that such a confirmation does not exist.

    Kyle H. Davis

    October 28, 2010 at 12:29

  2. I apologize. It DID happen, but now I see why no major news sources are carrying it. The test was done as an experiment for disposing of materials. This is why the mainstream media has not reported it. It wasn’t a “bomb” test, yet a test for disposing of surplus fissile materials.

    Kyle H. Davis

    October 28, 2010 at 22:57

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