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Independent Commission on Banking holds its 4th meeting

The new Commission set up this summer held its 4th meeting today. (The members of the Independent Commission on Banking are Sir John Vickers, Clare Spottiswoode, Martin Taylor, Bill Winters and Martin Wolf).

Their call for evidence that came out in September listed these potential policy options any of which make significant changes to banks and certainly along the lines of my discussion on the potential results from 2009.

Independent Commission on Banking (UK)

Reform options related to the structure of banks
••Separation of retail and investment banking
••Narrow banking and limited purpose banking
••Limits on proprietary trading and investing
••Structural separability, including living wills and resolution schemes
••Contingent capital
••Structure-related surcharges
Reform options related to the structure of markets
••Measures to reduce market concentration
••Market infrastructure reform


Written by Colin Henderson

October 23, 2010 at 17:51

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  1. While there is a lot of talk regarding the bankers, the systems that make this all run smoothly are done by high calibre, knowledgeable IT people. Why then are The Royal Bank of Scotland, at this moment, reducing their IT staff by two thirds throughout the UK.? The bulk of these jobs are going to India. In view of the fact that the RBS is mainly owned by the taxpayer, (that’s me), why is this being allowed to happen ? Has the government agreed this ?

    Janet Sandilands (Mrs)

    December 13, 2010 at 07:18

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